In 1983 I found myself at Alabama Christian College working on a degree in Biology and feeling I needed more spending money.  I did what all 20 year old males do and I called my parents and voiced my concerns.  My father (John) replied in all his wisdom “Get a Job.”  This is where our story begins.  I went to work for some great people at a very large nursery outside Montgomery Alabama and soon learned what I really wanted to do after college.  

In 1987 my grand father James Shoffitt from which the name Shoffitt Road in our address comes from offered to sell Rosalynne (my wife) and I his farm to start our own nursery.  We moved back to Grovetown in 1987 and planted the first plant bed in 1988.  That plant bed cost money instead of making money so the above mentioned wisdom from my father John came into play again.  I worked at Fort Gordon and Rosalynne taught school from 1988 until 1998, during this time John and Barbara (my parents) and James and Dot (my grandparents) took care of the farm with the help of many kids hired part time from our church family.

Well we finally made it and now we all work here full time and are currently up to plant bed 21.  The beds still cost money to plant but they finally make a few dollars also.  My father John takes care of all the office work and is the face of the business. Rosalynne runs the retail and everything else.  And myself, Joey, I ride around all day fixing whatever is broken.  Our daughter, Savannah helps some but her favorite job is locking up the chickens.  Our Son Joseph is earning his degree in horticulture at UGA and is also close to hearing that wisdom from his grandfather “Get a Job.”

We have a great group of employees and our family will always know without their help and hard work  as well as our loyal customers that our dream would have never moved forward.

The other part of our farm is our animals.  If it’s not a pond, growing bed or greenhouses….we have an animal eating it.